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Favourite webcams

Here are the sites of some other webcammers whom I admire and like to visit (updated 1 Feb 2003):

Rex's World
Rex inspired me to start this website (now you know who to blame!). The night I first found the 'boy on the screen' I ended up sitting there for hours going through his 'Rex A Day' archive of cam pics. I felt I got to know him that night. Rex has a delightful pussy. Several of them in fact...

Based in London, Rob has a wicked sense of humour (read his extensive diary) and is often on camera. You can follow his courageous efforts at fighting the flab, which strikes a chord with me and lots of other (ahem) thirtysomethings I'm sure. Also don't miss his tongue-in-cheek account of his summer 2000 trip to San Francisco.

Dave & Mark's Groundcontrol Webcam
Two boyz in London who have been together for AGES. They must have met when they were babies, because they don't look old enough! Mark is an artist and you can watch him painting on the webcam.

TexasKidd now lives in Austin but grew up in Oklahoma
. It's interesting to read about his early years there: racially segregated and not very gay. But with lots of frustrated 'straight' guys ;-)


This is the best listing of male webcams and it's run by a nice guy too. You can search cams by location, name -- all kinds of different ways -- and preview them before visiting.

Feeling naughty? If you're over 18, take a look at the Adult Area

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