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Manchester: the city where I live

Manchester city skyline from the south
King Street Manchester

Cross Street postbox plaque close-up

Cross Street post box, Manchester
In 1996, Manchester city centre was devasted by the largest-ever terrorist bomb in mainland Britain. Historic buildings were wrecked and foundations damaged. A red post-box (left), standing just yards away from the blast, remained almost undamaged and became a symbol of strength...
In fact, Manchester emerged from the whole experience looking far better, as it used the opportunity to rid itself of some ugly 1970's architecture. But, to many people, this event also seemed to mark the beginning of a new era of confidence and determination in Manchester.
Main Street, Haworth
Villages such as Haworth, home of the Bronte sisters, can be found in West Yorkshire, which is just across the Pennines. Not too far to travel from Manchester.

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Your Manchester

Living conditions in 1844


Gay Manchester

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The night life in Manchester is tremendous, with a huge range of clubs, pubs, music venues, theatres, cinemas, shops and restaurants.

Chinatown offers some of the best oriental food in the country. Or, if you prefer 'Indian' food then, just south of the city centre, there is Rusholme and the 'curry mile'.


Manchester is surrounded by countryside which is as beautiful as it is varied. To the south there are the counties of Cheshire and DerbyshireBlackpool tower with the rolling hills of the Peak District. Lancashire, to the north, is a mix of lush greenery and the rugged and wild Pennine Hills. Cross the Pennines and you are into West Yorkshire.

There are also many other nearby towns and cities to explore, including Liverpool, Blackpool (right), Chester and Buxton.


Across the world, Manchester is probably best-known for Manchester United football club, the soap Coronation Street, bands such as The BeeGees and Oasis and for being the location for the TV series Queer As Folk.

Traditionally, Manchester has been a target for comedians who say it's always raining here. In fact, there is a grain of truth in this, as Lancashire's damp climate was one of the 'features' that made it ideal for the cotton industry.


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