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Photo of the week: 12 May 2002, no.11

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Photo of the week

Basically a snapshot of Canal Street taken in 1990. I guess a lot of people think it has always been some kind of gay focal point in Manchester. But it isn't so. I believe there wasn't a single gay bar or club actually on Canal Street in 1990. True, the Union and Rembrandt Hotel were there then and both have one of their sides ajoining the Street, but they actually have the addresses Princess Street and Sackville Street.

In the 1980's, the gay scene was spread out across Manchester city centre. It used to be fun walking from one side of town to the other halfway through the evening. Bloom Street and Canal Street were in a seedy area -- the redlight district. Whereas many of the other bars and clubs were in the more classy part of town near King Street and Albert Square.

These days they talk about 'viral marketing'. That is pretty much what used to happen back then when a new venue opened -- news of it spread by word of mouth. There were fancy dress and theme nights, foam parties. All kinds of efforts were made to attract customers. Maybe it is all just a bit too easy now? :-)

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