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Photo of the week: 21 Apr 2002, no.9

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Photo of the Week

Another Photo of the Week from that period in the mid-to-late 1980's when I was shooting almost entirely in black and white. This is one from a series of images that I shot on a 'boys day out' to Blackpool.

Blackpool is a working-class seaside resort on the north-west coast of England. In years gone by it was a major destination for the workers of the Lancashire cotton mills, who all took their vacation during the same weeks. Also for the Scots, who headed down from Glasgow.

As foreign holidays grew in popularity, so Blackpool declined somewhat. It's still a great place for a day out (though it's always nice to get home after a day in Blackpool!). Rather jokingly described as the 'Las Vegas of the North', it has a fun-fair, amusements, candy-floss and fish and chips, a pier and the famous Tower -- which looks a little like the Eiffel Tower in Paris. And it must be said there are always some hot rough young guys walking around without their shirts (when it isn't raining of course).

On this visit there were four of us, including the guy who is seen here wearing the baseball cap. I took this shot as we called into a shop after the car journey from Manchester. I like the great depth that there is to this picture. Using a door or window as a 'frame' within a photo often works well and the diagonal lines of the door and the wall draw the eye towards the focal point, which is the little boy across the street. The various people seem to have fallen into just the right position.

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