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Photo of the week: 10 Mar 2002, no.6

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Photo of the week
Photo of the week

I'm not entirely sure of the 'story behind' this week's subject. I'd love to know... This is the brass letterbox on my front door. This week I had some graphics work to do, part of which required an image of a letterbox, so I took this shot to use as reference.

In the past I've removed the letterbox when painting the door and I've cleaned it. But I've never thought much about it. It wasn't until I saw this photograph that I began to wonder.... Funny how a photo can somehow 'detach' you and make you see something from a different perspective.

The centre of the word 'letters' is so worn... I wonder just how many mail deliveries does it take to cause that amount of wear and tear? Over how many years? This house was built in the 1920's. Has the letterbox been on the door since then? Does the door itself date back to that time? Did the letterbox come from somewhere else?

Perhaps I'll never know. It would help if, by some fluke, an old photograph, showing the door was to turn up. It IS possible... There are lots of old shots of the village around. I like a good mystery!

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